Jim Pinkenberg

reviewed a weeks ago
We are very happy with the work that Michael has done for us. We found Michael very knowledgeable and very easy to deal with. He answered our questions and made a few suggestions to our family trust and will. I highly recommend him if a trust and will is what you are looking for. We delayed doing our will and procrastinated for to long. Michael truly made it simple. It was just a questionnaire over email, a few zoom calls and a final meeting at his office. The process couldn’t have been simpler and I feel silly that I delayed it for so long.

Nishant Chhetri

reviewed 2 weeks ago
Michael Resko is a great attorney–decades of experience, deeply knowledgeable, and committed to rendering accurate and timely legal advice to his clients. He is soft spoken, a gentleman, and a pleasure to work with. He has a very great response time to an email and phone calls. I had to deal with worst Real-Estate Management company in Upper East Side; which he handled it very professionally and closed the deal before I lost my buyers. I recommend him as an excellent advisor and advocate for any Real Estate, buying or selling business. Thank you again for helping me close the deal on time.

Caroline Chin

reviewed a month ago
Mike Resko helped me with a potential negotiation and a closing. He gives great advice and always keeps the client’s interest a priority. He is also very thorough and detail oriented. Given he is an Adjunct Professor at New York Law School teaching courses in Real Estate Law and Contracts, it was not surprising that he knew all the sections of my contract by heart. I highly recommend Michael Resko.

Allison Le

reviewed 6 months ago
We recently purchased a coop in NYC, and Mike was great from day one. During our first conversation, he explained the process in detail and answered all our questions thoroughly. Additionally, he communicated with the coop’s management company on our behalf when we discovered that our realtor was not trustworthy. He made a difficult situation much less stressful. He was always accessible (usually responded within a few hours) and his rates were reasonable. Would definitely engage his services again.

Maya Hanna

reviewed 3 weeks ago
Mike helped us with an extremely difficult real-estate transaction — the estate of a woman who died in 1989 but whose co-executors were not able to agree on how to deal with an upper-West Side apartment nor to pay for the maintenance. Eventually, in 2012, the coop board seized the apartment for a large accumulated debt. The apartment was worth much more than the debt, but the coop planned to hold onto it indefinitely, sell it on their own terms, and pay off the debt to themselves. Mike did several essential things for us:
  1. negotiate with the board to let us renovate and sell the apartment on better terms.
  2. do the complex surrogate’s court work to transfer the executorship of the estate so that the apartment could be sold.
  3. handle the negotiation with the eventual buyer and the coop board, overcoming large obstacles imposed by the board and a skittish buyer.
We live in the Mid-West, and Mike handled everything for us in NYC. He was responsive, able to explain and advise us in this complex and delicate matter despite our utter ignorance of the applicable laws, and handled negotiations with the various parties to bring things to a successful conclusion. He saved the situation for us, even though we had never met him! I’ll add that his billing hours always seemed very reasonable for the amount of work that he was doing. He was always up to date on the developments, and easy to reach. Thanks, Mike.

Naomi Nishimura

reviewed 2 months ago
Mike helped us in closing (buying and selling) 2 apartments and 1 house in the last few years. He explained and laid out everything clearly for us in dealing with all the real estate terms that didn’t make sense to us. He is very professional and sharp, most importantly also has good sense of humor. I would highly recommend Mike to everybody.

Jessica Gladstone

reviewed 2 months ago
I highly recommend Mike Resko. He is a smart, diligent and hard working attorney who makes his clients a priority!

David Orsolino

reviewed 6 months ago
I have worked with Michael for many years. He has always been a great resource and easy to work with. He always keeps the clients interest first. He is very knowledgeable and carries things to completion. I personally have used Michael and introduced him to others. The people I have introduced Michael to have always thanked me for making the introduction.

Real Estate client

reviewed 2 years ago
Mike helped us on three separate matters, and in each case was the right man for the job. He was thorough and exact, and at every step along the way he made sure we understood the issues at hand. He is a first-class professional, and we wouldn’t consider hiring anyone else.


reviewed 2 years ago
I enthusiastically recommend Mike Resko. He provided much needed assistance in negotiating the lease for my new office space. He walked me through the process in a clear and concise way. I feel like we avoided potential pitfalls, but at the same time Mike was realistic about what was appropriate to request. Everything went smoothly and quickly.